Study on Preparation and properties of a new type of hot working die steel for Aluminum Alloy casting system

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Study on Preparation and properties of a new type of hot working die steel for Aluminum Alloy casting system

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With the rapid development of China's economy, China's mold manufacturing industry has made rapid development. Is the use of high pressure die casting, molten or semi molten metal into a die mold cavity forming metal semi-finished or finished products. In the process of die casting mould work, need to bear the temperature effects of the complex mechanical shock and alternating hot and cold, at the same time in the filling process of metal in the mold cavity will be subjected to thermal shock and wear. Due to repeated cycling thermal shock, the surface of the mold cavity tissue changes with the use of time, will make the mold cavity collapse, crack, wear and other defects, when the defects will make the further development of die failure 9 Ol. At present, there are H13, QR045, QRO 80M, BHl0A and CrN die steel is widely used at home and abroad, our country commonly used Aluminum Alloy die casting die steel 4Cr5MoSiV (H11), 4Cr5MoSiVl (H13), 4Cr5M02MnSiVl (Y10), 3Cr3M03VNd (HM3) and 3Cr2W8V yang. The steel in the process of using 4Cr5M02MnSiVl (YIO) is the most excellent performance of die steel, it is a new type of die steel for die-casting Aluminum Alloy. Overall, the main form of Aluminum Alloy die casting die steel for the failure in the process of using the thermal fatigue damage, severe wear and brittle cracking, collapse just.

In order to further improve the Aluminum Alloy for die casting die steel die steel for the development of new life, Aluminum Alloy die casting,  Kunshan hot die steel It is very important for enterprises and users benefit to improve mold manufacturing. Therefore, in this study, Aluminum Alloy die casting die steel as the research object, by adding different alloy elements, die casting die steel for new Aluminum Alloy were prepared to investigate the effects of heat treatment on the performance of die steel, the die casting provides a foundation test.

During the experiment, by adding Cr, Mo and V to adjust the amount of alloy elements such as the design and preparation of novel composition of die casting die steel, and smelting preparation. The design of die casting die steel chemical composition as shown in table 1.During the experiment, by using medium frequency induction furnace non oxidizing smelting test of die steel, in the process of melting when molten steel temperature reaches 1500 DEG C, deoxidation treatment, and then use the man deoxidation method on liquid steel for inoculation treatment, finally cast specimen. Pouring specimens were annealed at 750 degrees Celsius, into standard samples by mechanical processing. The heat treatment temperature were 960, 980, 1000, 1020, 1040 DEG C, with oil quenching, quenching soaking time was 40 min; quenching is completed, then the samples are tempering, tempering temperature is 500 DEG C, the tempering medium is air, tempering time is 2 h. Hot melt resistance loss test Aluminum Alloy high temperature immersion method, the first Aluminum Alloy heated to a certain temperature melting, then soaking in die steel in Aluminum Alloy solution, test the temperature is 780 DEG C, soaking time were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 h. The friction and wear test using HT.500 pin on disc tester at room temperature, 100 N load, sliding speed of 0.8 m / s, when asked for 15 min, the wear rate is calculated as follows: K=V / (Nxd), type Y, the wear volume (weight loss Am / pin density p) N, as a load, sliding distance is d. Finally, the samples after heat treatment in accordance with the national standard GB / T 397 - 2009, 228 - 2010 GB / T, GB / T 229 - 2007, 1818 - 1994 GB / T for sample preparation and test, determination of mechanical properties after heat treatment of hot die samples, test equipment for electronic universal SWD 100 test machine. A 50 JB impact test machine and HR50 type Rockwell hardness, high temperature hardness by AKA high temperature hardness test. Finally, the best sample section by JSM.35 scanning electron microscope observation and analysis.

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