Process of die steel of different kinds of hot work

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Process of die steel of different kinds of hot work

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(1) hammer forging die steel

Generally speaking, hammer forging die steel has two problems: one is the impact load of work, so the mechanical properties of steel are higher, especially high requirements on plastic deformation resistance and toughness; the two section of die forging of large size (less than 400mm), so the hardenability of steel the demand is higher, and the performance of the whole mold to ensure uniform microstructure.

The commonly used hammer forging die steel 5CrNiMo, 5CrMnMo, 5CrNiW, 5CrNiTi and 5CrMnMoSiV, different types of hammer forging die should be made of different materials. Hammer forging die for large or large to 5CrNiMo as well, also can use 5CrNiTi, 5CrNiW or 5CrMnMoSi; hammer forging die for small and medium usually used 5CrMnMo steel.

(2) steel hot extrusion die

Hot extrusion die is characteristic of slower loading rate, therefore, the cavity temperature is higher, usually up to 500-800 DEG C. Use of such performance requirements of steel should be based on high temperature strength (high tempering stability) and high thermal fatigue performance based on the hardenability, the requirements may be appropriate to lower. Hot extrusion die generally smaller, often less than 70-90mm, in which 4CrW2Si can be cold working die steel, hot die steel can be done. Due to different purposes, using different heat treatment methods. As the cold mold, the lower quenching temperature (870-900 DEG C) and low or medium temperature tempering heat treatment; die, the higher quenching temperature (950-1000 DEG C) and high temperature tempering.

(3) die casting mold steel

On the whole, and the thermal performance requirements of steel die extrusion die steel is similar to tempering require high stability and high thermal fatigue resistance, so often the choice of steel is roughly the same as hot extrusion die steel. We adopt 4CrW2Si and 3Cr2W8V steel, but different, such as: the low melting point Zn alloy die-casting mold, can choose 40Cr, 30CrMnSi and 40CrMo; Al and Mg alloy die-casting mold, can choose 4CrW2Si, 4Cr5MoSiV and so on; Cu alloy die-casting mold, the use of 3Cr2W8V steel.

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