Chinese future will replace imported mold stamping die - Kunshan cold die steel

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Chinese future will replace imported mold stamping die - Kunshan cold die steel

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Stamping die in cold stamping processing, the material (metal or non-metal) processing into parts (or semi-finished products) of a special technical equipment called cold stamping die (commonly known as die). Stamping is at room temperature, using the die installed in the press to put pressure on the material to produce plastic deformation or separation, thus obtaining a pressure parts processing methods.

At present, the development of China stamping technology, precision stamping mold has been able to produce mobile phone camera and plastic mould multi cavity mold small modulus gear, and the accuracy of 5mm 7800 cavity plastic mold. Large complex precision casting die has been able to bridge gear box mould production escalator die-casting mould, after the whole automobile pedal, and automobile engine shell casting mould.

With the mold manufacturing technology continues to improve, the manufacturing process of stamping die China more and more sophisticated, and gradually catch up with the developed countries, its development presents the sustainable development to a large sophisticatedcomplex and rapid economic direction; continuously improve the technical content; manufacturing cycle time; processing die stamping production will continue to move information technology, digital, fine, high speed and automation development direction. The China stamping die price relative to the developed countries is relatively low, so in the international market is very popular.

The development of Chinese stamping die industry, making the total Chinese now stamping processing mold production in the world has been in the forefront, and start from the mold import country gradually transformed into a mold export country. At this rate, is the inevitable trend of stamping die China replace imported mold manufacturing.

Kunshan cold die steel

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