Kunshan hot die steel to explain the contents and steps of stamping process and die design

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Kunshan hot die steel to explain the contents and steps of stamping process and die design

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Stamping process and stamping mould design is an important technology of the production preparation work. The actual situation of equipment and personnel for stamping process and die design should be combined with the factory, from the production quality, production efficiency, production cost, labor intensity, environmental protection and all production safety aspects, the selection and design of advanced technology, the economic, safe and reliable use of the process and die structure in order to make the stamping production based on ensuring the technical requirements proposed to meet the design drawings on the stamping process of reducing cost and guarantee the safe production as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, the main contents and steps of the design include:

The process design

(1) parts and stamping process according to the analysis of stamping products, analysis of stamping shape characteristics, size, precision, raw material size and mechanical properties, combined with the available equipment specifications and stamping mould manufacturing conditions and mass production factors, analysis of parts of the stamping process. Stamping process should ensure good material consumption, the number of processes, fewer equipment, less occupied mold has the advantages of simple structure and stable product quality and high service life, simple operation.

(2) determine the process plan, the main process parameters calculation based on analysis of the stamping process, to find out the characteristics and difficulties of process and die design, the stamping process scheme for all possible according to the actual situation, including process properties, process procedure and order number combination etc.. Sometimes the same kind of stamping parts may also have multiple feasible stamping process program, usually each method have advantages and disadvantages, from product quality, production efficiency, equipment usage, mold manufacturing difficulty and life level, production cost, convenient operation and safety degree and other aspects of the comprehensive analysis and comparison. The optimum scheme for the existing production conditions. In addition, understanding of the parts and use requirements of parts stamping process and die design is helpful to the process parameters process plan based on data, such as a variety of shape factor (drawing coefficient, bulging coefficient etc.), parts of the size and the blanking force, forming force. There are two types of calculation,

The first one is can calculate accurately the process parameters, such as nesting material utilization, punching pressure center, workpiece area etc.;

The second is only approximate calculation of process parameters, such as bending or drawing force, complex parts blank unfold size, determine the process parameter is a rough calculation based on empirical formula or chart, some through the test and adjustment; sometimes even no empirical formula can be applied, or because the calculation is too complicated to be carried out such as complex, rigid or check the strength of mold parts, complex stamping parts forming force calculation, this case is generally only empirically estimated.

(3) according to the choice of stamping equipment to complete stamping process properties and all kinds of stamping equipment mechanical characteristics, considering the deformation force, stamping the required size of main factors such as deformation work and the height of the closed mold and outline dimensions, combined with the existing factory equipment to set reasonable selection of equipment types and tonnage. Stamping equipment commonly used crank press, hydraulic press, one of the most widely used crank press. Blanking punching process in multi crank press, usually without hydraulic press; and forming type stamping process can be carried out in the crank press or hydraulic machine. Kunshan hot die steel

The die design including the selection and design of mold structure, the mold structure parameters, mold drawing etc..

(1) the mold structure selection and design process according to the plan, considering the stamping shape characteristics, the size of the parts, precision and mass production, mold processing conditions, convenient operation and safety requirements of the selection and design of die structure.

(2) calculate the mold structure of die structure parameters, calculation or checking the mould structure parameters, such as working parts of die (punch and die etc.) the geometric size, the strength and stiffness of the mold parts, mold moving parts of the motion parameters, and a mold installation size by the elastic the selection and calculation components etc..

(3) drawing die drawing die drawing is the ultimate embodiment of stamping process and die design results, a complete set of mould die and mould figure should include complete information. Drawing die drawing should comply with national drawing standards, taking into account the special requirements of the mold industry and habits. Die drawing by the assembly diagram and non-standard parts drawings. The assembly mainly reflects the assembly relation between the mold parts, should correspond to projection map plotted to illustrate the mold structure, mainly is the main view and top view and necessary section, section view, and indicate the size of the main structure, such as height, size etc.. The habit of view by the die part and at the same time in the projection, drawing the upper right corner of the drawing work drawing, layout, right below lists die parts list, specify the technical requirements. According to the general assembly drawing die drawing, also should have enough the necessary projection section, section view to parts of the structure clearly. In addition, to mark parts required for processing all dimensions, tolerances, surface roughness, heat treatment and other technical requirements. For a complete production process, stamping process and die design are inseparable, the two interrelated and influence each other, so the governor may need to cross and repeated. If the program has changed, you need to re design and calculation.

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