The prevention measures of precision mold heat treatment deformation: Kunshan cold die steel

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The prevention measures of precision mold heat treatment deformation: Kunshan cold die steel

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The prevention measures of precision mold heat treatment deformation: Kunshan cold die steel

In the process of heat treatment, precision molds often produce deformation, in order to prevent such a bad phenomenon, as long as we grasp the deformation law, analysis of its causes, is able to reduce using different methods to prevent deformation of the mold, but also can control. In general, the deformation of heat treatment on complex precision mold can take the following methods to prevent.   

(1) reasonable material. Sophisticated molds should choose good material of the micro deformation of die steel (such as air quenched) of mold steel, carbide segregation serious should be reasonable casting and quenching and tempering heat treatment of large and can not cast die steel can be refined solution and double heat treatment.   

(2) the structure design of the mould thickness should be fair, not too poor, appearance should be symmetrical, for large deformation of mold to grasp the law of deformation and the machining allowance for the use of composite structure for large, precision, complex mold.   

(3) complex precision molds to conduct pre heat treatment, eliminate residual stress in the process of machining.   

(4) select the reasonable heating temperature, heating rate, method for complex precision mold can take slow heating and preheating and other balanced heating to reduce the mold heat treatment deformation.  

(5) to ensure the mold hardness under the condition, as far as possible the use of pre cooling, cooling quenching or quenching temperature grade.   

(6) sophisticated molds, without permission, as far as possible the use of cryogenic treatment after quenching and vacuum quenching.   

(7) a number of sophisticated mould can be controlled by pre mold heat treatment, heat treatment, quenching and tempering heat treatment precision nitriding.  

(8) in defect repair mold trachoma, porosity, wear, etc. the selection of cold welding heat affected small repair equipment to avoid deformation of the repair process.

There are many methods of heat treatment process, including such as pore plugging, tie hole, mechanical fixation and appropriate heating method, accurate selection of mold cooling and cooling medium in the direction of the direction of movement, tempering heat treatment process is fair and effective measures to reduce the complex precision mould deformation.

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