The characteristics of Kunshan cold die steel mold processing interpretation

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The characteristics of Kunshan cold die steel mold processing interpretation

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High precision, mold not only have high processing accuracy, but also have good processing quality. In general, the tolerance range should be controlled at the micron level. Only high-precision mold to ensure that the product to achieve a certain accuracy, to ensure the passing rate of the product, it is possible to extend the use of mold. Long service life, the mold belongs to the more expensive technology and equipment, the processing costs account for about 10% to 30% of the cost, so long life mold requires more sense.

Short manufacturing cycle, which is mainly to meet the production requirements and market competitiveness of products. Low cost, the cost of the mold and the complexity of the mold structure, mold materials, manufacturing precision requirements and processing methods and so on. Therefore, we must design and develop a reasonable process, the selection of appropriate processing equipment, to ensure low processing costs.

Mold shape is complex, the working part of the mold are generally two-dimensional or three-dimensional complex surface, rather than a simple plane. Such as automotive cover mold, most of its cavity is composed of curved surface. The materials used in the high hardness, the general mold is made of hardened tool steel or carbide, the use of traditional processing methods more difficult to process. Currently in the mold manufacturing process, mainly to ordinary machining and EDM-based. To shorten the manufacturing cycle and reduce costs, must be widely used advanced cutting technology processing mold. As advanced manufacturing technology, high-speed cutting technology, it is to meet the mold processing these requirements and characteristics. Kunshan cold work die steel

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