The voice of the high energy efficiency of domestic mold industry to promote enterprise reform

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The voice of the high energy efficiency of domestic mold industry to promote enterprise reform

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At present, China's mold industry in product quality, production facilities, enterprise scale, production efficiency, energy consumption, environmental protection and etc. compared with the advanced countries there is still a large gap between the industry is already an indisputable fact. With the domestic energy efficiency calls for more and more high, domestic industries are active in energy efficiency, China's mold industry is even more so.

Experts said that China's mold industry should attach great importance to energy saving, energy-saving technology and with the deepening of enterprise system, promote the sustainable development of enterprises. It should start from the specific work: first, to in-depth publicity and education, strengthen the awareness of energy. Such enterprises in order to success, we must first of all workers in-depth publicity and education, fundamentally solve the awareness of the importance of saving. Through TV programs, newspapers, radio, newspaper, LAN, corporate website, seminars, set up posters, placards and other means, in-depth and sustained education of energy-saving publicity.

Secondly, to strengthen scientific management, outstanding key energy-saving. Again, the use of new technology, new technology, strengthen energy-saving technological transformation. To rely on technological progress, new technology new technology, new equipment to replace the old, old, high energy consuming equipment, energy efficiency. Domestic mold enterprises should start from the aspects of continuous efforts, its outstanding achievements will point the day and await for it!

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