Kunshan cold performance requirements of die steel

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Kunshan cold performance requirements of die steel

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Die steel is used to manufacture steel die, hot forging die mould. What is the superior performance of the steel mold, need to have the following 8 performance requirements:

A process of annealing

Spheroidizing annealing temperature range, low hardness and small fluctuations, the spheroidization rate is high.

Two, malleable

With the hot forging low deformation resistance, good plasticity, forging temperature range, forging crack cold crack and precipitated carbide in low tendency.

Three, oxidation and decarburization sensitivity

When heated to high temperature oxidation with good decarburization rate is slow, not sensitive to the heating medium, produce pitting tendency.

Four, cutting

Cutting tool, low loss, low surface roughness.

Five, hardenability

After quenching can obtain deep hardening layer, using a mild quenching medium can quench.

Six, grindability

The wheel is relatively small loss, no limit of grinding burn of large amount, is not sensitive to the quality of the grinding wheel and the cooling conditions, not prone to abrasion and grinding crack.

Seven, hardenability

After quenching with uniform and high surface hardness.

Eight, the quenching cracking deformation

The conventional quenching volume change is small, the shape warping distortion is slight, the abnormal deformation of low tendency. The conventional quenching cracking sensitivity is low, is not sensitive to the temperature and shape of the workpiece.

Only after thoroughly tempered mould steel is truly qualified durable products.

Kunshan cold die steel

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