Three note the production of plastic mold, plastic mold steel Kunshan ignored a scrap!

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Three note the production of plastic mold, plastic mold steel Kunshan ignored a scrap!

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First, don't just ignore the weight of product design, plastic mold manufacturing.

Some users in developing products or new products, often only focus on the early research and development of products, the production of plastic mold and ignore the communication unit. Preliminary determination of product design scheme, namely early contact with the mold manufacturers have two advantages:

1, we can ensure the products have good forming process, not because of difficult processing and modification design of parts.

2, mold making can do the design in advance to prevent hasty inconsiderate, affect the duration.

3, production of high quality plastic mold, only the supply and demand sides cooperate closely, to reduce the cost, shorten the cycle.

Two, do not just look at the price, we should consider the quality, cycle, all-round service.

1, many kinds of mold, can be divided into ten categories. According to parts and materials, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface smoothness, service life and economy of different requirements, choose different types of mold forming.


Die 2, high precision machining of high precision CNC machine tool and die materials, the forming process has strict requirements, the need to use the CAD / CAE / CAM technology to mold design and analysis.


3, some parts of the molding have special requirements, the need to use the hot runner mold, gas assisted injection molding technology, advanced nitrogen cylinder etc..


4, the manufacturer should have CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine and CNC profiling milling equipment, high precision grinding machine, high precision coordinate measuring instrument, computer and related software design etc..


5, the general large-scale stamping die (such as automobile cover mold) to consider whether the machine has the edge pressing mechanism, lubricant, or even progressive etc.. In addition, but also consider the tonnage stamping punching feeding device, machine tool and die protection device.


6, the mould manufacturing methods and processes of each enterprise and have not mastered. In the choice of cooperation manufacturers must understand its processing capacity, not only the hardware equipment, but also with the level of management, working experience and technical force.


7, Kunshan plastic mould steel On the same die, sometimes there is a big gap between different manufacturers offer. You should not pay higher than the value of mold costs at the same time, it should not be less than the cost of the die. Mold manufacturers like you, to achieve a reasonable profit in the business. A set of custom mold quotation is much lower will be the beginning of trouble. The user must from its own requirements, comprehensive measure.


Three, try to avoid long cooperation, the production of plastic mold and products processing one-stop

1, the qualified mould (sample qualified), can not produce the bulk of qualified products. This is mainly related to machine parts selection, molding process (forming temperature and forming time) between the operator and the technical quality.

2, have a good mold, but also forming good, the best is a long collaboration, try to avoid long cooperation. If the conditions are not met, we must choose a full charge, in order and at the same time we must write clearly.

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