Kunshan plastic die steel hot runner benefits

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Kunshan plastic die steel hot runner benefits

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1, shorten the molding cycle, improve production efficiency;

Because there is no sprue and runner cooling time limit, molding after curing can be timely push out. Many with hot runner mold thin-wall product molding cycle can be completed within 8 seconds.

2, saving plastic raw materials;

The traditional injection molding will be generated when the outlet material requirements of the plastic products are not allowed to the water inlet (two recycled material), because of repeated use of nozzle material will make the degradation of the structure and properties of plastic part, and will affect the quality of products.

Kunshan plastic mould steel

Hot runner mold because of no cold runner, so no nozzle material (materials). This project for the application of plastic price is particularly significant. The fact that the main international hot runner manufacturer in the world oil and plastic raw materials expensive time has been rapid development. Because of the hot runner technology is to reduce material costs, reduce material cost, cost effective way to save.

3, reduce the bad products, improve product quality;

In the hot runner mold molding process, the plastic melt temperature in the runner system and accurately control. Plastics can be more uniform state into the cavity, the result is consistent with the quality of plastic parts. Hot runner molding plastic gate of good quality, the release of residual stress is low, the plastic deformation is small, the surface quality of injection molding products is greatly improved. So on the market a lot of high quality products by the hot runner mold production. Such as phone shell, people familiar with the mobile phone shell, shell printer, computer, many car plastic parts are made of hot runner mold production.

4, eliminate the follow-up process, is conducive to the production automation;

Parts by hot runner mould molding is finished, no pruning gate and recovery processing of cold runner etc.. Conducive to the production of automation. Many foreign products manufacturers will be the hot runner and automation combined to greatly improve the production efficiency.

5, expand the application of injection molding process over wai;

Many advanced Kunshan plastic mould steel The plastic molding process in hot runner technology developed on the basis of. As of PET pre forming, in the mold of multicolor co injection, various materials co injection process.

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