The development of mold industry in China market forecast: Kunshan cold die steel

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The development of mold industry in China market forecast: Kunshan cold die steel

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The development of mold industry market forecast in china:

With the deepening of reform and opening up, the state departments of the attention and support of the mold industry and mold, industry associations and other social organizations to publicize and promote, make Kunshan mould industry develop more quickly, the die size of the market in the top of the spear. During 12th Five-Year, the general trend of mold market steadily upward. The domestic market demand for high-grade die in large quantity at present, but the requirements of domestic mold must meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery etc..Moreover, home appliances, automotive, plastics industry needs to die. International market: in recent years, labor costs increase the industrial developed countries, especially in Southeast Asian countries transfer to developing countries. The domestic production of high precision molds, labor input large amount of mold to rely on imports to solve. Therefore, the international market is a huge potential for mold. As long as the quality of domestic mold can be improved, the delivery time to ensure that the mold export prospects are very optimistic. In addition, the frame and the mold standard parts of the international market is also a great demand. At present, China has only a small amount of exports on the shelf.   

Although the total number of China's mold production has been ranked third in the world, the industry overall level of some excellent enterprises manufacturers, but the current domestic mold industry is uneven, a large gap between the manufacturers of technological conditions. A considerable part of private enterprises or self-employed, limited by many factors, capital, technology, information exchange site, part of the manufacturer is to rely on the traditional manual manufacturing equipment and complete, Kunshan cold die steel Only the production of some medium and low-grade mold, it is difficult to introduce advanced molding technology and molding equipment advanced.This has resulted in the increasing market competition and low mold. Some enterprises in order to die at each other Lanhuo, lower prices, and low prices will inevitably affect the quality of the products, the user is the pit, missed the company, but also harm themselves. From the market prospect China mold industry analysis and Investment Development Planning Research Report about the development of mold industry is the focus of future can meet a large number of needs, and higher technological content, particularly the current can not be self-sufficient, need to import large quantities of mold and can represent the development direction of large, sophisticated, complex, long life mold, in addition to the China's mold products occupy a greater price advantage in the international market, export prospects good mold products will also become the focus of development. Back to 10 years ago, the general accuracy of precision molds is 5 microns, with the passage of time, the mold precision will be more and more high. Has now reached 2~3 micron, 1 micron precision mold soon will be listed. The requirements of ultra precision machining. The mold industry will become more and more large. This is because of the development of molding parts is a large scale and high production efficiency requirements of the multi cavity caused by the first mock exam. Multifunctional composite mould industry will further develop. In addition to the new multi-functional composite die stamping forming parts, is also responsible for lamination, tapping, riveting and locking assembly task of steel performance requirements are also getting higher and higher.   

Especially Home Furnishing hardware industry needs continuous development and innovation, the greater the industry to demand more and Home Furnishing hardware, Home Furnishing hardware industry showed different changes. Many manufacturers of furniture hardware invisible to the two separated, decorative hardware do not pay attention to the function of development, function of the decorative hardware research and development problems, occurred between the two out of touch.   

The mould industry is an important part of China's hardware industry, 12th Five-Year is China's coping with major changes in domestic and international environment, accelerate the key period to achieve the goal of building a well-off society, it is also a critical period of China's mold industry healthy development, the environment at home and abroad while many uncertain factors, but China's economic development is still in a period of rapid growth, the comparative advantage in the international market of China's mold mold still exist, the domestic mold market is also expected to continue to be optimistic about the development of the mould industry, showing the trend of.

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