What are the Kunshan plastic mold steel steel?

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What are the Kunshan plastic mold steel steel?

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Carbon steel C45 W

American Standard Number: AISI 1050 ~ 1055;

Japan standard number: S50C ~ S55C

German standard number: 1.1730


Carbon steel or 45# steel, Hongkong called ace steel, the steel hardness is HB170 ~ HB220, the price is cheap, easy processing, mold used in mold, top column, and some important parts, mold standard market is the use of this kind of steel;


40 CrMn Mo 7 pre hardened plastic die steel

The United States, Japan, Singapore, Hongkong, Chinese standard number: AISI P20

Germany and some European countries number: DIN:1.2311, 1.2378, 1.2312.


This kind of steel is pre hardened steel, generally not suitable for heat treatment, but also the great steel nitriding, the hardness of the gap by 280HRC ~ 400 depending on the steel standard, as has been pre hardening treatment, mechanical cutting is not too difficult, so it is suitable to do inserts some lower price mould, some the production of large quantities of mold also use this steel (some customers to specify the use of this steel formwork), good hardness than carbon steel is high, deformation than carbon steel.


Because of this kind of steel is widely used in plastic mold, so there are many brands, including popular brands in Southern China area: ASSAB Yu Hui brand, made in Sweden has two different hardness, 718S HB290~HB330 (330~340HRC), 718H HB330~HB370 (340~380HRC).


Datong steel, Japan: NAK 80 (hardness 400HRC+20) and NAK55 (hardness 400HRC+20) two, under normal circumstances, NAK 80 module inserts, NAK55 dynamic mold inserts, NAK55 EDM do not directly pay attention to skin, according to steel agency interpretation is sulfur, so after EDM left stripe; Yu Hui mills THYSSEN, Germany, there are several:

GS-711 (340~360HRC hardness),

GS738 (320~350HRC hardness),

GS808VAR (380~420HRC hardness),

GS318 (290~330HRC hardness),

GS312, GS312 (290~330HRC hardness) of sulfur can not do EDM lines


In Europe mold is more common, GS312 Code 40 Cr MN Mo S8, 100 Paul (BOHLER) Austrian domestic, numbers: M261 (380~420HRC), M238 (360~420HRC), M202 (290~330HRC), M202 can't do EDM lines, there are other brands, but also sulfur, cannot record.


X 40 CrMo V51 hot work steel

The United States, Chinese, HK, Singapore, standard number: AISI H13

DIN: (Europe) 1.2344

Japan: SKD61


This kind of steel factory is: HB185~HB230 to heat treatment hardness.

Kunshan plastic mould steel




Used in plastic mold on the hardness is generally 480~520HRC, but also need due to nitrogen treatment, heat treatment, processing more difficult, so in the mold on the price of more expensive, if need to heat treatment to more than 40HRC hardness, mold generally by machining is difficult, so we must first do the rough machining the workpiece after heat treatment before, by: Transport hole, screw holes, and tapping must do before heat treatment, or to redo is time-consuming annealing, then.


This kind of steel is also commonly used in plastic mold, so there are a lot of brands, the brand is used: Yu Hui (ASSAB) their number is: 8407; Yu Hui (THYSSEN) their number is GS344ESR or GS344EFS. (we usually use in the GS344ESR, used in the moving part is GS344EFS); Japan Datong steel DAIDO STEEL HI (Japan designated by the majority of customers), there are many brands, because our factory is not commonly used, so cannot record.


X45 Ni Cr Mo 4 cold work

European number: DIN 1.2767


The hardness of HB260 steel factory, need to heat treatment, Kunshan plastic die steel is generally used for hardness of 500 ~ 540HRC, the Europeans commonly used steel, the steel has good toughness, polishing effect is also very good, because the steel is not common in Southern China area, so not many brands


X42 Cr 13 (stainless steel)


DIN:1.2083 factory to heat treatment, the hardness of HB180~240, application of hardness of 480~520HRC, is not suitable for nitriding heat treatment (acute local cracks).

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