Welding wire, Kunshan hot die steel for you to answer

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Welding wire, Kunshan hot die steel for you to answer

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"GMT-SKD11 > 0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 56~58 welding cold steel, metal stamping die, die cutting, cutting tool, workpiece surface molding, production with high hardness, wear resistance and high toughness electrode argon welding, preheating before heating, otherwise prone to cracking phenomenon.

The GMT-63 knife edge wire 3.2mm HRC > 0.5 ~ 63~55, mainly used in welding heat for high hardness broach mold, mold, forging mold total, hot die, die hard, wear-resistant, high speed steel, blade repair.

"GMT-SKD61 > 0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 40~43 welding of zinc, aluminum die-casting mold, with good heat resistance and cracking resistance, hot stamping, hot forging, aluminum die-casting aluminum and copper, with good heat resistance, wear resistance, cracking resistance. The general thermal die often shell crack like, most of which is caused by thermal stress, also caused by surface oxidation or corrosion casting material, heat treatment to a proper hardness to improve its service life, the hardness is too low or too high are not applicable.

The GMT-hs221 tin brass wire. Performance characteristics: special brass wire HS221 welding wire containing a small amount of tin, silicon, used for gas welding and carbon arc welding of brass, also widely used in the welding of copper, steel, copper nickel alloy etc.. Welding method for copper and copper alloy wire TIG welding, acetylene welding and carbon arc welding.

The good mechanical properties of GMT-hs211. MIG brazing and TIG welding for copper alloy steel.

The GMT-hs201, HS212, HS213, HS214, HS215, HS222, HS225 copper wire.

The 1100, 1050, 1070 GMT-, 1080 pure aluminum wire. Features: MIG and TIG pure aluminum welding wire for welding. This wire has a good color match in the anode treatment. Suitable for power application, good resistance, excellent conductivity. Purpose: Ship Power Equipment

Kunshan hot die steel

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