The development direction of Chinas steel industry

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The development direction of Chinas steel industry

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1, focusing on the promotion of CAD/CAM/CAE Technology

CAD/CAM/CAE technology is the development direction of mold design and manufacture of stamping die. With the computer software development and progress, the popularity of CAD/CAM/CAE technology has become mature, the enterprise will increase the CAD/CAM technical training and technical service efforts; further expand the scope of application of CAE technology. With the development of computer and network technology is making CAD/CAM/CAE cross regional, cross enterprise, cross Institute promotion become possible in the industry to achieve re integration of technical resources, make the virtual manufacturing possible.

2, the development of high speed milling

High speed milling development abroad in recent years, greatly improving the processing efficiency, and can achieve high surface finish. In addition, the process can also be hard module also has the advantages of low temperature rise, small thermal deformation etc.. High speed milling technology, the large type automobile, home appliance industry mold manufacture has injected new vitality. At present it has to be integrated more agile, intelligent, development direction.

Scanning and digitizing system to achieve 3, stamping die

High speed scanner and die scanning system provides many functions in the model of the model or from scan to work, Kunshan cold die steel Shorten the mould manufacturing cycle in research. Some fast scanning system can be quickly installed in existing CNC milling machine and machining center, CAD data to achieve rapid data acquisition and processing program, automatic generation of a variety of numerical control system of different formats for reverse engineering, mold manufacturing. Die scanning system has been successfully applied in automobile, motorcycle, household appliances and other industries.

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