About DMC2017 grand opening in Shanghai

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About DMC2017 grand opening in Shanghai

Release date:2017-10-18 Author:Kunshan City crane Ming Die Steel Click:

2017 Chinese international mold technology and equipment exhibition jointly organized by the China mould industry association and Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. "(abbreviation: DMC2017)", from June 13, 2017 to June 16th in Shanghai New International Expo Center grand debut, DMC2017 will "push lean and collaborative manufacturing, mold development and forming technology" as the theme. Chinese economic development in the "13th Five-Year" traction in the market, continue to focus on the mold industry continued to upgrade, and actively organize the "fine, automation, informatization, integration and intelligent exhibits, and actively expand the downstream interconnection, and vigorously promote innovation driven, quality and efficiency for the industry, build extensive collaborative manufacturing the exchange window, to continue for the enterprise to carry out technical exchanges, equipment procurement, marketing, trade and economic cooperation to provide a full range of services.

DMC2017 exhibition area will be more than 60000 square meters, E1-E5 hall five hall linkage, thousands of exhibitors on the display from Switzerland, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, France and other 20 countries and regions, the audience is expected to exceed 90000 people. DMC2017 new exhibition planning and layout, E1 Museum by Japan, Europe and the United States Department of display precision and automatic measurement system of equipment manufacturing, heavy build international exhibition, E2 hall for the equipment and Technology Integration Technology Museum, on display Korean manufacturing equipment and mould, Taiwan machine tool, measuring equipment; E3 equipment, precision tools Museum covers 3D and increasing material manufacturing equipment and technology; E4 Museum for comprehensive mold and material forming equipment Museum; E5 museum exhibits debut automobile mould and equipment. The exhibits in the original equipment and technology, mold and material section, increase the 3D increase in material manufacturing and automation technology and equipment integration, laser processing in mould technology exhibition, integration technology, Internet technology, cloud manufacturing ecosystem concept in mould manufacturing in DMC2017 fully demonstrate the new format.

As China once a year of mold industry's most authoritative event, exhibition by the National Association of mold and mold the local gathering area and support industry organizations at home and abroad, are expected from the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Western nearly thirty pavilions appeared together DMC2017 Chinese International Model Exhibition, leading industry technology progress, service 2025 "China manufacturing".

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