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Cr12Mov round

Detailed introduction

This kind of steel by adding the right amount of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and other alloy elements, improve the steel hardenability and hardenability, the comprehensive mechanical properties of quenched material is much higher than other kinds of steel, widely used in mold manufacturing

Cr12MoV overview

Cr12MoV steel has high hardenability, section 300 ~ 400 mm below can be completely quenched, at 300 to 400 DEG C can still maintain good hardness and wear resistance, toughness of Cr12 steel is high, the minimum volume change during quenching. All kinds of molds and tools used in the manufacture of large section and complicated shape and undergo large shock load. For example, complex shape of the punching die, the complex mold insert, steel plate deep drawing die, drawing die, screw down wires plate, cold extrusion die, cold cutting scissors, circular saws, standard cutting tools and measuring tools etc..

Cr12MoV steel is carbon molybdenum steel Levin. The carbon containing Crl2 steel is much lower, and the molybdenum, vanadium steel, the heat and properties, impact toughness and distribution of carbides have been significantly improved. The steel has a quenching resistance, permeability, hardenability, toughness, thermal stability, compressive strength, and the adaptability of micro deformation, comprehensive performance and pan. The heat softening temperature of 520 DEG C. Section ruler can be completely quenched below 4mm, the wear resistance of steel low alloy steel with shares 3~4 times, volume deformation quenching. Oil quenching hardened depth: 200~300mm.

Eutectic carbides formed during crystallization (including carbide particles fraction is about 20%, the eutectic temperature of about 1150 DEG C), these are very hard and very brittle carbides. Although the cogging rolling, carbide crushing degree, but to the zonal carbide, shape, massive, heap shaped distribution along the rolling, segregation degree with the steel diameter by serious

Cr12MoV steel supply condition

Supply varieties of hot rolled, cold drawn material, forging, hot rolled steel and cold drawn steel wire

Back state, indentation hardness is 255 ~207HBW, diameter 3.8 ~4.2mm.

Refer to the corresponding grade Cr12MoV steel

China GB Cr12MoV, Taiwan cNS Chinese standard SKD11, German standard DlN standard material No. 1.26o1, German DIN standard x165CrM0v12, the Jis standard grade sKD11, grade sTD11, South Korea Ks standard and UN1 standard x165CrM0W12KU Italy, Sweden SS standard grade 2310, Spanish UNE standard grade X160CrM0V12, AISi/sAE standard D3, the Russian roCT standard x12M. [1]

The characteristics of Cr12MoV steel Cr12MoV:

Alloy tool steel: Cr12MoV steel

Cr12MoV bar

Standard: GB/T 1299-1985

The scope of Cr12MoV steel:

Cold die steel , the hardenability of steel, quenching and tempering hardness, wear resistance and strength were higher than Cr12. For a variety of manufacturing large section with complicated shapes and working conditions under the heavy cold punching moulds and tools, such as punching die, trimming die, die, piping steel deep drawing die, circular saws, standard tools and gauges, thread rolling die etc..

Chemical composition:

C:1.45 ~ 1.70 Si: carbon silicon manganese is less than or equal to 0.40 Mn: less than 0.40 sulfur S: P: P = 0.030 = 0.030

Cr:11.00 ~ 12.50 Ni nickel chromium: allow residual copper content less than 0.25 Cu: allow residual content less than 0.30

Vanadium molybdenum V:0.15 ~ 0.30 Mo:0.40 ~ 0.60

Mechanical properties:

Hardness: annealing, the indentation diameter 255 ~ 207HB, 3.8 ~ 4.2mm; quenching, more than 58HRC

Cr12MoV uses Cr12MoV steel

Cr12MoV steel hardenability, after quenching and tempering hardness, strength and toughness is higher than CR12, 300~400mm the following work can complete quenching diameter, quenching deformation is small, but high temperature ductility. Cr12MoV used for the manufacture of molds and tools of large section, complex shape, heavier work loads.

Cr12MoV steel heat treatment process

Cr12MoV steel heat treatment specification

Specification: 1) heat treatment quenching, 950 to 1000 DEG C oil cooling; 2) quenching at 1020 C, 200 c tempering 2h.

Microstructure: fine granular pearlite and carbide.

The condition of delivery: delivery of steel in annealed condition.

Extrusion billet steel specification Cr12MoV softening touch cold

The iron protection heating temperature of 760~780 DEG C, time 10h, furnace cooling, the hardness of l96HBW, can realize the cold extrusion forming

Cr12MoV ordinary steel spheroidizing annealing specification

50 ~870 c * 3~4h, furnace cooling to 740~760 DEG C * 4~5h isothermal, followed by air cooling hardness less than 241HBW eutectic carbide grade level is less than or equal to 3

The optimum isothermal temperature of 740~76o DEG C, longer than 4 ~5h

Cr12MoV steel spheroidizing annealing specification

(860 + 1 U) ~ C * 2~4h to 30 DEG C/h, cooling rate of furnace cooling, (740 + 10) x4-6h ~ C, furnace cooling to 500 DEG ~600 C, followed by air cooling. The hardness of 207 ~255HBW.

Cr12MoV steel, quenching back common specification

Quenching temperature of 1000~1050 DEG C, oil quenching or quenching, the hardness of 260HRC; to back temperature 160~180, time 2h, or back to the temperature of 325~375 DEG C, to 2~3

Cryogenic treatment of Cr12MoV steel

Cr12MoV steel after cryogenic treatment, cryogenic treatment can make ultrafine carbides quenching Martensite Precipitation highly dispersed, followed by a low temperature of 200 DEG C after tempering, the ultrafine carbides can be transformed into carbide. No martensite after cryogenic treatment, low temperature in the week after the fire, only a small amount of carbide precipitation in some local area. Crl2MoV low temperature chemical heat treatment method, based on keeping the Crl2MoV steel with high hardness and wear resistance, ion nitriding, nitrocarburizing salt bath, sulphocarbonitriding low temperature chemical heat treatment commonly used infiltration layer adhesion resistance.3 kinds of chemical heat treatment of low temperature layer significantly impact the adhesive action if, among which the best permeation thiocyanate salt. Crl2MoV stainless steel ware drawing die after gas nitrocarburizing treatment, the service life can reach more than 30 thousand, the die life is similar to conventional quenching and tempering treatment increased more than 10 times.

Cr12MoV hardened steel

In order to improve the die life reached more than 800 thousand die, hard way to implement low temperature quenching and tempering of pre hardened steel to achieve. When the first quenching at 500-600 deg.c preheating heat preservation time 2-4 hours, and then at 850-880 DEG C (at least 2 hours), into the oil is cooled to 50-100 DEG C in air cooling oil, after quenching hardness up to 50-52HRC, to prevent cracking should be 200 degrees Celsius temperature tempering, immediately after tempering, the hardness can be above 48HRC

The steel Cr12MoV salt bath vanadizing treatment

Crl2MoV cold work of neutral salt bath vanadizing treatment process, Crl2MoV by neutral salt bath vanadizing treatment available carbide layer, a carbon and vanadium compound, the coating uniformity, continuity and compactness, good uniform thickness, compact structure, high abrasion resistance and high hardness. The surface hardness, wear resistance and anti adhesion properties greatly improved.

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