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TaicangS136 round

Detailed introduction

S136 steel used for high brightness and high polishing mold plastic mold requirements, high corrosion resistance, production, medical, food industry etc..

Die steel S136 is composed of several grades, for different applications. Grade selection depends on, among other things, whether there is a sharp cutting edge is necessary, because in the stamping die, die steel S136 whether the products can withstand the impact load and meet conditions of service for hand tools.

In the industrial structure, there are cracks in the critical load lead to complete destruction. In the lubrication of liquid paraffin (LP) 0.3% ZDDP SSPB samples were studied. With random crystallographic orientation of the top surface of the shaft on the nanocrystalline SSPB S136 die steel products processing. The ferrite and pearlite, at about 50 m depth from the best suface serious deformation, pearlite and cementite in show plasticity. SSPB polishing wear loss of sample is the lowest, the untreated sample is the largest.

S136 die steel products of severe plastic deformation, the surface of the metal materials can be introduced on the surface layer and the nanostructures were induced, including surface modification technology and nano materials. Severe plastic deformation method, supersonic particles bombarding (SSPB) was used for treatment of die steel s136. The micro structure and surface area of about 50 mu m from the top surface of the die steel S136 are processed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) were characterized.

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S136 SUP


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Product description S136 Plastic mould steel S136, mirror polished die steel ASSAB


Assab ultra high mirror plastic die steel S136 SUP

With the increase of plastic mold steel demand, which requires the die steel must be with good toughness, corrosion resistance and hardness of the overall balance, S136 SUP proved to be a good choice to meet these requirements. S136 SUP is a senior stainless steel, it has the following characteristics:

The excellent corrosion resistance; the polishing is excellent; the excellent wear resistance; the excellent hardenability; the excellent toughness and ductility.

The comprehensive advantages of the above, the production of steel has excellent properties. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, good use in the plastic mold in the outline are as follows:

The relatively low maintenance cost

The mould cavity after long-term use, still maintain the original state of smooth surface. The mold operation or storage in humid conditions, do not need special protection.

The lower production costs

Because of the influence of mould cooling water from corrosion (unlike common die steel), thermal conductivity, cooling efficiency remained stable in the mold life, to ensure that the mold forming time constant.

The good combination of high wear resistance of S136 SUP, low maintenance cost and high mold life, achieve the best economic benefit.

Note: S136 SUP after electroslag remelting method (ESR) with "refined, pure and subtle organization.

S136 SUP application

S136 SUP is recommended for all dies, because of its special properties, more suitable for the needs of the special circumstances.

The corrosion and corrosion of mould using corrosive PVC, acetate such as injection molding materials or must work in a humid environment and storage.

High surface smoothness: the production of optical products, such as cameras, sunglasses, chemical equipment and plastic products.

The ductility and toughness as complex mold.

The surface of hardenability: high hardness, high mold is important.

S136 SUP impact toughness

S136 SUP compared to other types of W-Nr1.2083/AISI 420 stainless steel has strong toughness and ductility. To obtain high toughness and ductility, low temperature tempering, high wear resistance for high temperature tempering.

Select the style from the casting center position of impact experiments in approximately room temperature, small transverse direction test results are as follows:

The original bar size: 508 x 306mm (20 * 12//)

Sample size: 7 x 10 x 55mm (0.27 x 0.4 x 2.2//) no scratches

S136 SUP corrosion resistance

The mold is made up of S136 SUP has good corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance of the W-Nr1.2083/AISI relative to the other 420 types of stainless steel is better under corrosive condition.

When S136 SUP in the low temperature tempering and polished to mirror state, in particular can show excellent corrosion resistance.

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