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TaicangSKD11 rolled plate

Detailed introduction

1, high strength and good toughness, better wear resistance, easy cutting;

2, SKD11 is a very good strength, toughness and heat balance of the cold die steel in recent years, with the development of isotropic products and more to high toughness, it can make the mold life longer, more stable performance, and easy processing, heat treatment of small deformation.

SKD-11 product features

(1) the vacuum degassing refining, so the internal quality is very clean.

(2) good machining.

(3) good hardenability, air cooling can be hardened, no need to worry about the cracks.

(4) the heat treatment deformation is very small, the most suitable for the quenching of minimum deviation, mold precision.

(5) excellent wear resistance, suitable for punching die for stainless steel or high hard materials.

(6) good toughness.

SKD-11 cryogenic treatment

In order to obtain the highest hardness and dimensional stability, the mold immediately after quenching of cryogenic -70 degrees to -80 degrees Celsius, keep 3-4 hours, and then by tempering, tool or mold hardness of cryogenic treatment than the conventional heat treatment of high hardness 1-3HRC. Complex shape and size changes of larger parts, cryogenic treatment and the danger of cracking.

SKD-11 nitriding treatment

The mold or the workpiece after nitriding treatment, surface hardened tissue layer with high hardness and corrosion resistance.

In 525 the nitridation

The surface hardness is about 1250HV, the nitriding time of the layer effects as shown in the following table. The nitriding time (hours) 203060 0.25 0.30 0.35 mm nitriding depth

At 570 DEG C soft nitriding

The workpiece surface hardness of about 950HV. Usually soft nitriding for 2 hours, the depth of hardened layer can reach 10-20um. grinding die blank or state in the low-temperature tempering, grinding prone to grinding cracks. In order to prevent the occurrence of cracks should take small grinding feed repeatedly grinding, while adding water in good condition.

The shape of the mold processing complex or the size of the line cutting, the final trip to the use of wire cutting, usually encountered cracking phenomenon occurred.

To prevent cracking, it is recommended that the gas quenching and high temperature tempering treatment, in order to reduce the stress in heat treatment, or cavity pre-processing of the mold.

SKD-11 heat treatment

Preheating quenching: 700 to 750 DEG C, and then heated to 1000 to 1050 DEG C in static air cooling, such as steel with thickness of 6 inches or more is heated to 980 to 1030 DEG C in oil quenching.

Tempering: heating to 150 to 200 DEG C, stay at this temperature, then cooling in still air.

Hardness: HRC 61.

Annealing: heating to 800 to 850 DEG C, the temperature for 1 to 3 hours, in the furnace as it is getting cold.

Forging: 1050 ~ 950 degrees.

Specification for quenching and tempering

The quenching temperature is 1010 DEG C, air cooling. The tempering temperature is 200 DEG C, the hardness of 58~60HRC.

The use of SKD-11

SKD11 in aluminum, zinc die-casting mold material, the most widely used, the steel containing tungsten components of high temperature high alloy steel, suitable for hot work, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and copper alloy die-casting mould, cutting knife, scissors and hot forging action, plastic mould for hot rolling cutter reamer. A hot, hot forging die, die bolts, hot tools etc..

The use of SKD-11 method

"The use of quenching + tempering condition

Quenching + cold treatment + tempering condition (suitable for high accuracy and stable size requirements)

"Quenching + tempering + nitrogen treatment condition (for high surface hardness requirements)

Saw cutting blade when the speed is not too fast, should be 25m/min, the cutting rate remained at 9cm2/min ~20cm2/min.

SKD-11 typical application

For the production of plastic mold, circular knives, scissors, metal stamping and forming roller

The production of cold or hot mold, roller, wire lines, line mode, transformer core, die cutting steel rolling cutter, pipe forming roller, special shaped barrel, rivet heading die etc..

Less than 6mm thickness of steel sheet, blanking die, stamping die, stamping die

Scissors inlaid parts, thread rolling die.

Slide resistant cold heading die, deep drawing die, cold extrusion die.

Touch type thermosetting resin, general plastic mould.

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